Maintenance of self-contained breathing apparatuses

Maintenance of self-contained breathing apparatuses and full-face masks with filter.

Self-contained breathing apparatuses are necessary equipment and Category 3 PPE; therefore, in addition to compulsory training and instruction in their use, periodic maintenance is also required.

Given the critical nature of the situations in which they are used and the seriousness of the possible consequences in the event of their malfunctioning, self-contained breathing apparatus maintenance activities and the preparatory activities prior to use are of the utmost importance.

GI.BI Estintori performs proper expert maintenance on self-contained open-circuit air breathing apparatuses and general revisions in accordance with the Italian Decree of 2 May 2001 published in the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic issue no. 226 of 8 September 2001, ordinary supplement no. 229, section 7.4 and technical standard UNI-EN 529/2006.

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