About us

We manufacture fire extinguishers and are a reliable point of reference for all companies in the fire protection and safety sector.

GI.BI Estintori embodies the eclectic and dynamic nature of the Lombardy region, from where it originates, presenting itself on the market with its extraordinary dedication to customer care and the diversity of its needs.

Our uniqueness stems directly from the representation of this diversity, from our product offerings…

…and now, also from new projects that express a multitude of ideas and dreams, generated from an unwavering passion for the industry that has been carefully nurtured since 1986

Our work is guided by the dedication of our company, which knows its customers and its target market down to the smallest detail, and the respect for our traditions, which guide us, even where innovation or cutting-edge solutions are concerned

Since 1986, our business focus has been designing and manufacturing fire extinguishers, and Giorgio Borroni already had a clear vision of the direction to take when he founded the company

He wanted to create products that made life easy and, above all, safe for people. He wanted to make safety affordable for everyone while offering a high-quality product. Through close dialogue with customers and suppliers, he wanted to establish long-term partnerships characterised by reliability, credibility, and mutual trust.

Besides achieving all the goals he had set, he also gave GI.BI Estintori its own unique personality. For us, every year, every project, and every idea is a new beginning; in this spirit, in 2022 we reorganised and restructured the company to increase our opportunities in the constant search to achieve ever-higher levels of quality in fire extinguisher manufacturing.

The aim of life is self-development. To realise one’s nature perfectly – that is what each of us is here for.

O. Wilde


Our values are our compass and constitute the shared heritage of GI.BI Estintori’s corporate culture, representing a reference point of company policy to guide decisions and company development.

    Conducting ourselves with integrity, transparency, and respect
    Pursuing excellence
    Providing room for growth to realise our potential and build a winning team
    Being part of the team
    Promoting innovation and sustainability

Offering a wide range of choices to guarantee safety to an increasingly safety-conscious group of professionals. Products that are functional and well designed with exceptional value for money so that no one has any reason not to invest.

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